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8 Things About Andrea Pirlo (A Blast From the Past)

[Note: Disinterred, from July 2012, with original photos, and updated commentary at the end.] After a week of storms, power outages, interweb deprivation, and inexplicable tactical decisions from Cesare Prandelli (Thiago Motta, the sex machine? really?), I have barely caught … Continue reading

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13 Days to Football

It has been a weepy day.   I was watching a retrospective of last season and they reminded me that Davide Astori died. A beautiful man, a wonderful defender, and a person of great character, gone way too soon for … Continue reading

Calendario, Mercato, the Euros, Quinto Scudetto, Loooca, and whatever else happens to pop into my disorganized brain

The footy calendar was finally released this week and my life is beginning to have meaning again.  It’s not final, of course, because some of the matches will be on Saturdays, and some on Sundays, and the midweek matches get … Continue reading