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Dirtbunny is in Trouble Again


I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I went to the psychiatrist on Thursday.  I saw one of my three therapists this afternoon and calls were made and messages were left and now I have been summoned to my psychiatrist’s office for an early appointment tomorrow.    I JUST saw her.  It’s like she knows about the unspoken thoughts in my head.  Tricking me into going to the hospital is one thing, but how did she manage to get a surveillance chip into my brain to monitor my thoughts?  I think I ought to pack a week’s worth of meds and a change of clothes, just in case.

P.S.  Juve beat Roma yesterday with an unexpected Marchisio-style goal from, of all people, the rarely-scoring Leonardo Bonucci in the 85th minute.  I know how to pick ’em, I certainly do.


This is him celebrating his goal in Azzurro against Norway last month (another rarity).  I couldn’t be bothered to look for a current photo tonight, but this is what he does when he scores.  It looks like mouth full o’ spooge to me, but it apparently has some sort of shut your mouth, stop talkin’ smack about the Bonucci not scoring no goals meaning.  Same fuzzy hair.  Same eyebrows.  Same pursed lips and puffed cheeks.  Different colored stripes.  Oh I’m a lucky lucky girl with all my glorious Zebee defenders.

This post powered by befuddlement.  Seriously.  What does she want with me?  She can’t really know what I’ve been thinking.  How is that possible?

3 thoughts on “Dirtbunny is in Trouble Again

  1. Another win for Juve. Are you surprised?

    The surveillance chip can be countered by wearing an aluminum wrapping on your head. Of course you would have to be prepared for stares from the inside the beltway types. Or maybe you would just seem normal.

    Has ebola hysteria started in the media up there? I made the mistake of switching from public radio today and ended up hearing Rush Limbrain and his callers talking about shutting down the borders, etc. They should have played the scene from “Ghostbusters” where they talked about devastation of biblical proportions, cats mating with dogs, et. al. These are possibly the same people who refuse to vaccinate their children. I predict more children will die from measles and whooping cough in the US in 2015 than citizens who will contact ebola in the us and die.

    • Ah yes. The aluminum foil helmet. I haven’t had to wear one of those since I gave up NCAA Men’s Basketball and, therefore, Dick Vitale.

      You know very well that I ignore the media. The vaccine deniers tend to be liberals and, yeah, I’d like them to take a close look at my latest audiology report the next time they start chattering about how childhood diseases are no big deal. The ebola crazies are your standard conservative xenophobes.

      • Are you out of trouble?

        Speaking of Ebola Crazies; I heard on the radio that my favorite state senator from Prince William has asked the Governor to outlaw recent travelers from West Africa from entering the state. While we’re checking documentation at the state borders maybe we can collect an entry toll and keep the Army of the Potomac out. (That seems to be the era in which he thinks we live.)