No triviality too banal.


So I’ve mostly finished a post about the last year or so to bring everyone up to date, but stuff happened today and I’m angry and likely to be inappropriate.  We’ll come back to that later. Instead, you get a minipost.


The beagles and I went to the Petsmart today because they needed new tags and I needed a gallon of Nature’s Miracle.  While we were there, we went up and down all the dog aisles looking for promising foods that Tiki might eat.  (I’ll explain later.)  Lucy behaved like you would expect, attempting to steal anything attractive off the lower shelves whenever she had the chance.  As I spent a little time in the incontinence aisle, I noticed something.  Beagles.  Everywhere.  One of the brands of pee pads has a beagle on its packaging.  Doggie diapers?  Beagles on the packaging.  A brand of stain remover?  Beagles.  And up front, you can now rent a gigantic steam cleaner for your carpet and on the poster?




By the way, the cashiers have a box of treats under each register.  By the time I finished checking out, Lucy had located the treats and buried nearly her whole head in the box.  Bad girl.  Everyone else thought she was “cute.”

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