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In Which Dirtbunny’s Principles Turn Out to Be Fairly Bendy

Originally posted on December 15, 2012

1.  It’s no secret:  I have diabetes and I am on insulin.  I have some that I carry back and forth to work, but I keep it in a mini-fridge under my desk and sometimes I forget to bring it home.  Like yesterday.
2.  Missing a shot or two is not always a big deal, but sometimes it can make me feel really sick.
3.  When I realized I had forgotten to bring it home last night at about 8pm, Mr. D offered to drive me into the city to retrieve it.  I wanted desperately to go to sleep, so I took a pass and decided to wait it out.
4.  At midnight, I woke up burning up, agitated, twitchy, trembly, and freaked out by nightmares.  I have miscalculated.  The missed injections have made me sick.  I have to go in to retrieve the insulin.  No problem.  I’ll just do it.
5.  Problem.  Mr. D is still up and he offers to drive me in.  I should turn him down, but I don’t.  He drives me in.  He tells me gently that he’s irked that we didn’t take care of this 4 hours earlier when he offered before.  He’s right, of course.
6.  The whole transaction takes about 45 minutes and all is well.
7.  This morning, I’m feeling appreciative, so I offer to make Mr. D whatever he wants for dinner.
8.  I should have seen this coming.  He wants meatballs and rigatoni, his absolute favorite.
9.  I’ve been experimenting with veganism this fall.  I haven’t cooked meat in months (except to make Kirby dinner, but that’s another drama.)  After beating myself up for a while, I decided to give up on being a vegan until after the holidays.  I’m a pretty serious cook.  I can adapt to no eggs and no meat, but dairy butter plays a big part in baking.  Especially holiday baking, in which I might go through 7-8 pounds of butter making breads and sweets.  I did not adjust to non-dairy butter in time to forgo dairy butter, but I can try again later when traditional butter/sugar bombs are less of an obsession.
10.  Despite the vegan thing, and lately, the vegetarian thing, I turn out to have no misgivings at all about making meatballs.  Ground mix with beef, pork, and veal?  No problem.
11.  However, while at the market, I read all the labels on the granola, and I buy the one that’s vegan.  The only thing that keeps granola from being vegan is honey and I’m not convinced so far that exploiting honeybees is the moral equivalent of exploiting cows.
12.  I come home with about 4 pounds of fresh ricotta, because they haven’t had any for a while and now I can make a cheesecake, lots of parmesan, butter, eggs, cream, Ghirardelli products that contain milk solids, gelatin (which I haven’t bought in years because the thought of where it comes from disgusts me so much), a pound and a half of mascarpone, a mini-ham, ice cream, and a bunch of different holiday candy things that contain God-knows-what.  And other stuff too.  But, and this is important, I bought vegan granola.

Veal? Yes.  Gelatin?  Absolutely.  Something like 8 pounds of cheese?  You better believe it.

But vegan granola.

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