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A Chance for Bug-eyed Redemption


When Dirtbunny was a kitten of 5 years old, she was traumatized by a horror movie she saw on TV.  That movie was “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” starring Don Knotts.   Ever since, she has been the object of ridicule in her family.  You were afraid of Mr. Chicken.  Hahaha.  My family is cruel (where do you think I learned it) and they were completely unimpressed by my extenuating circumstances, i.e., I was five and I was sick.  You were afraid of Mr. Chicken.  Hahahaha.  It always comes back to that.  After I grew up and got married, even my husband got in on it.  You were afraid of Mr. Chicken Har har har.  Oh how I have suffered.


Well, guess what?  “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” is going to be on TV (on the east coast) on Thursday.  Ima record it, ima watch it, and ima put this behind me once and for all.  I will be redeemed.

Except this is my life, so it isn’t that simple.  I went to program the DVR and, oh dear.  Encore (or Starz of whatever it is) is not part of my subscription.  Used to be included in the package.  Not any more.


So I will not be watching “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.”  Was little Dirtbunny a sad little wimp for being afraid of Mr. Chicken?  Now we’ll never know.

3 thoughts on “A Chance for Bug-eyed Redemption

  1. anonymous dogwalking woman from your “healthcare” group (not the young dogwalker, the old dogwalker unfortunately) found your journal. sorry if this is creepy (i’m always creepy), and i don’t mean to weird you out (a gift i was born with) but i had to say i love yr writing. hope to see your face again soon.

    • Excellent code! Opaque AF but not so opaque that I couldn’t figure out who you are after thinking about it for a minute.

      I am not weirded out. It’s actually really nice to have a reader that isn’t related to me, as far as we know.

      • not weirded out is an excellent sign! and further proof that deciding not to mention zit and/or gambia worm videos was a smart move. uh, oops.