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Speaking of May Day……

Salsa aside, May Day is International Workers’ Day, which you probably think was invented by European Marxists in the 1920s, but was actually begun in Chicago in 1886 as a multi-day labor protest that culminated in the Haymarket Affair (someone threw a bomb that killed seven police officers), and THAT culminated in the prosecution and kangaroo-court conviction of eight usual suspect types–four of whom were executed and one other who killed himself before the state could do it for him–with the state not able to prove that any of them had any connection to the bomb, although they did hold inconvenient political beliefs.

The four went to the gallows singing La Marseillaise, which was the anthem of the international labor movement until it was replaced a few years later by L’internationale.

Dans le fran├žais d’origine:

And in the English translation–an old-timey chorale-style version, not the crappy modern chav folk version:

I am perfectly aware of the irony of snobby ole me using the word “chav” under these circumstances. I don’t care.

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