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It’s been so long since I’ve done this that I seem to have forgotten some stuff so, um, drafts were, uh, lost, and, um, html was, uh, um, forgotten, so photos, and, well, iPad is, um, different, so, fuck it.  Here is the important part.

Russia, the crappiest team in the World Cup (FIFA says so, not just me) has just (well, “just” in Bunny’s magical world of the DVR) beaten Spain SPAIN, which isn’t you know, 2012-2014 Spain, but is still SPAIN, which kicked Italy’s tri-colored no-pre-assist-making ass (thank you Guus  Hiddink for giving me the vocabulary to express my rage) SPAIN in a PK shoot-out.

Crappy teams are not supposed to win penalty shoot-outs.  Tikitaka teams that complete 1031 passes in a match (look it up) are supposed to win penalty shoot-outs.  Crappy teams are supposed to lose their composure and shank their shots into row zed.  Russia made their shots.  Spain put their shots on target too.  They did not miss.  What happened to Spain was Igor Akinfeev, who is not a particularly outstanding goalkeeper.  He’s good enough to be the Russian #1 which isn’t saying much 🙄 and he’s workmanlike and I love him because he’s a keeper and it doesn’t take a lot more than that and he can come play at Juve now that Gigi has retired, but szszszszczczezzzney is better than he is, tho I don’t much like him, and Matti is better than he is, and Carlo Pinsoglio is probably better than him, so he’d be competing for the #3 keeper slot.

God.  Me and my tangents.  Oh!  Penalties!  So you make them, or you miss, or they are saved.  Akinfeev saved two.  And it was the second one that won the match.


It was a kick save.  A motherfucking kick save on a PK to beat SPAIN and knock SPAIN out of the World Cup.   Tomorrow after work, I’m getting “Igor Akinfeev” tattooed on my forehead in Cyrillic.


*hit -save draft- look up Cyrillic spelling*

Игорь Владимирович Акинфеев


oh FUCK Yes.  For the first time in my life, it’s good to have such a huge honkin’ head.  Thanks Daddy!


*this post powered by hunt n peck.  When you’re too lazy to go upstairs and get the Mac, hunt n peck*

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