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11 days to Football

I think I mentioned that I’m broke.  Going to the Booby Hatch cost me 1 1/2 paychecks, and paying for the part my insurance won’t cover is going to cost me another 2 paychecks, so that’s nearly 2 months of lost pay this year before you count all my other sick days, for which I am also not getting paid, so things are pretty desperae.  As in I left work early today so I could get to the bank before it closed so I could deposit an insurance reimbursement check so I can pay my rent.  Speaking of insurance, my insurance company pays 32 cents on the dollar for individual therapy, 34 cents on the dollar for group therapy, and 40 cents on the dollar for trips to the psychiatrist.  Anyhow, when I figured out last week that I wasn’t going to make rent on time, I panicked and did what I always do when I panic about money.  I spent money like I was never going to see another dollar in my life.  The result is this:

All that stuff is destined for particular patterns, but they just plucked it off a shelf and dumped it in a sack to mail to me, so I have to get out the patters and figure out what goes with what, which is going to be both tedious and fun.  It’s too late to start anything tonight, but I have something to look forward to tomorrow.

And there is football.  I told you last time that the acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo made Gonzalo Higuain a want-away and now he’s a gone-away to Milan, along with a baby defender who never actually played for the zebes yet and GUESS WHO WE GOT IN RETURN?


I cain’t hardly believe it.  Last year, when he left, the stories were that Allegri wanted him out and he committed some halftime atrocities in the locker room during the Champions League final, but whatever he did to get himself sold, he has made sufficient amends for Allegri and the suits to take him back and if I forgave Zlatan for going to Spain, I can certainly forgive Dingbat for being a Dingbat and leaving for one crappy year.

And so let’s talk about the Second Scudetto Year, 2012-13.  That season, Juve led the league the entire way.   They returned to the Champions League and put in a respectable showing, losing in the quarter-final to Bayern Munich.  Juventus signed Kwadwo Asamoah (Twitter handle Asabob) and Paul Pogba, a Manchester United reject.  Asabob turned out to be a long-term stalwart and Pogba, well, he turned out to be a mega-star.  Arturo Vidal led the squad with 15 goals.

Luca Marrone made 11 appearances that year.  Poor Luca.  He’s a local boy from Turin and came up from the Primavera but just when he reached the right age and the right level of skill, Juventus recovered from its calciopoli debacle and was able to attract world-class talent again.  Luca is good enough to be playing top-level professional football, but he is not a world-class talent.  So he spends most of his time on loan.  He’ll be spending this season in serie B at Hellas Verona.  Poor bastard.  When called upon to perform for his hometown team, he has done his duty and then some, and is credited with three scudetti.

Fabio Quagliarella got 13 goals that year.  He arrived when Juve were shit and was a consistent producer throughout his time in stripes.  We the fangirlz all hated him pre-2010 because of his creepy smile and skeevy comments about chicks and such, but then at the World Cup in 2010, when the rest of the Azzurri were sleepwalking through the motions, Quags was the only one who seemed to actually try to play football, and he won our love and devotion.  He left Juve after 4 seasons, 102 appearances, 31 goals, and three scudetti, and though he’s moved on, he’s still scoring and he’s still one of my favorites.

Paolo De Ceglie…..  Wait.  That’s not him.

Paolo De Ceglie was another home-grown boy from those days.  He was just about to break big time when he shattered his kneecap in a collision with Ignacio Abate (I think) and he never really came back after that, much less continue the growth he was showing pre-injury.  He has been on the sued and off the squad, on loan, in limbo, and finally out of contract and gone as of this summer, which makes me sad.  I always liked him.  He too won three scudetti, and good for him.  Thanks, Paolino.

Also?  Sweet ride.  I wonder if my Prius would look good done up like that?  Silly bunny.  Girls who can’t make rent don’t get to have fancy custom paint jobs.

The last thing I want to say about 2012-13 is I Told You So.  This was the year that the suits got drunk and brought in Nicklas Bendtner and Nicolas Anelka.  Juventiknows was still alive then, and there were a few trolls who liked to visit and say very silly things, and one of those trolls engaged me in a ridiculous argument about the merits of Anelka, me taking the sensible side and pointing out that there were no merits to Anelka at the time and it became an epic battle and my proudest ever troll-slaying moment and I wish Juventiknows were still around so I could go back and read it, but the upshot is Anelka contributed nothing but ego, whereas Bendtner contributed both ego and legal drama in the form of a DUI, and I Was Right.  If you are wondering what ever happened to Bendtner, cos he’s only 30 after all, well, the fact that you’re wondering says it all.


This post powered by yarn in all its glorious colors and textures, and by the trashy romance novels that I also ordered when I panicked about being broke.

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