No triviality too banal.



I have just finished paying a buttload of bills, including an escrow shortfall, and I am very cranky.  Very  cranky.  However, the knitting goes on.

First up, we have two socks, both plain mindless monkey knitting and suitable for commuting.

Please, please.  Try to contain your excitement.  You are disturbing the others.
Next up, a Bean Blanket for the Refried Bean, poorly represented here as safety cone orange:

It’s lace, and it’s pretty.  See?
It looks fancy, but it’s not so hard as long as you don’t poke a hole in your finger with the lace-tip circular needle.  And there are more socks, a nice brown patterned one that you can’t really see at all,  and a blue lace patterned one that you can’t really see at all.
But wait!  There’s more.  I finally started the Azzurri WC scarf.  Tis beautiful, but there’s a long way to go (the Azzurri had a friendly last week against the Indomitable Lions from Cameroon, and played like ass in a boring nil-nil draw).  And finalement, I have been working on the pink cabled cardigan for some months now and have yet to finish even one crappy piece.  *sigh*
If I ever finish it, it’s going to be lovely.
Isn’t “Indomitable Lions” a wonderful team name? 

2 thoughts on “Grr

  1. The bean blanket is really nice!

  2. It is a cool name. I think we should apply over the top, Victorian, Royal Navy battleship-style names to things in ordinary like. Dunno, Staunch Commuter, or Dauntless Bureaucrat. Just saying!