No triviality too banal.

It’s not like I haven’t been knitting, yknow


Cos I have been.  I just haven’t felt much like writing about it, no one’s listening, no one cares, and so forth.  Regardless, I feel the need to show the ether some photographs:
Number One

So this here be some red socks from nice Fleece Artist yarn.  They went to the Old Man.

Number Two

And this be a Baby Surprise Jacket made from leftover yarn that I used to make a Baby Surprise Jacket. 

Number Three

And this here be lace.  Better yet, black lace.  Since lace photographs badly, and black photographs badly, the ass-looking has layers.  This is the Birds Nest Shawl.  It has been on hiatus because I ran out of yarn and had to order more and it was back ordered.  The yardage requirements in the pattern lied.  And you would not believe how well the black shows off dog hair.  *sigh*

Number Four

And lookie!  More lace.  This is the Juno Regina scarf in fabulous aussie mohair blend laceweight.  This is going to be something when it’s done and blocked PLUS the aussie laceweight is the oldest yarn in the stash, so that means a double sense of accomplishment.  I am well over half done wth this now, but I’m mired in the center section.  It’s 42 inches of a simple vertical lace stripe.  Complicated enough to not be mindless monkey knitting, not complicated enough to be interesting, therefore, tedious as hell.

2 thoughts on “It’s not like I haven’t been knitting, yknow

  1. Also, the scark does look like it’s going to be smashing. Regarding the lace, the dogs just want make their contribution to something beautiful!

  2. What’s the opposite of mindless monkey knitting, one wonders?