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Spring Update

The Helping Profession has changed my meds again and the adjustment period has been a bear.  I’ve been feeling sick pretty much all the time, plus confused and depressed about being sick, and angry that I haven’t figured out how to regulate my treatment regimen so that I’m not feeling lightheaded and stupid all the time.  I think the worst is over  *crosses fingers*  because I’m back to being ordinarily stupid rather than exceptionally stupid.  I just have to remember to eat before 3 pm and space my calories out more throughout the day.  I’ve “just” had to do this for the last decade and so far I haven’t done that good a job but, hey, tomorrow’s a new day.

I’ve had a few sick days, so I’ve had some extra TV time and, around here, TV means football.  The season is almost over.  Two more weekends before we enter the Dark Times.   Meanwhile,  ADP just signed a contract extension so he’s good for one more year.  The zebes aren’t completely out of it yet, but they’ve reached the point where it isn’t enough for them to succeed–others must fail.  Today’s Juventus match is probably ending right about now, so you can guess what I’m doing tonight.  There’s also the Giro d’Italia.  My boyfriend Fabian Cancellara, along with the Schleck Bros., moved to team Leopard trek this season, but none of them are participating.  Someone from their team actually died today after a crash.  Wow.

There is also good weather, which means deck sitting in the sunshine, which is Tiki’s favorite thing in the whole world.  Not counting food.  He’s a beagle, so food comes first.  Always.

Sometimes he sits on one of the dog beds….

…but he really prefers his chair.

Don’t bug him,  OK?

If you aren’t offering food or a belly rub, then let TikiApollo do his job.

OK, he’ll share his chair with Mr. D if forced to by Mr. D’s superior strength and larger brain.

We no longer worry much about him fleeing the premises.  He’ll let himself down to use the facilities, or if there’s a better sun spot, but he stays where we can see them.

What?  Can’t you see him?

How about now?

And then when he’s finished, it’s time to get back on a cushion and get back to work.

He works very very hard.

It’s all quite exhausting…

…but that sun isn’t going to be worshipped by itself.  ‘Course sometimes a guy can get too hot and needs to sit in the shade for a while to cool off.

Kirby handles things a little differently.  He’s always on Yellow Alert,  just in case, so he doesn’t relax as completely.

Inside the house, he can relax just fine if no strangers are around.  He puts his tongue out and lets his little face get all mushed up by the cushion.

We don’t know exactly what the deal is with Kirby but he, um, well,   he’s been making puddles all over the place.

See?  They even have a beagle on the label.  So anyway, when he’s outside, he puts his puddles where he’s supposed to, so we like to have him out there a lot.

He’s lost a lot of weight so he isn’t very comfortable unless he’s on a cushion.  Of course, if the cushion is not in the sun, sacrifices will be made….

…not that we all have to be happy about it or anything.  Nope, cushions are definitely better.

The best cushion is the Bunny!cushion.

Hee!  So warm and furry.  Here he is asking for scritches:

That’s his signature move–extending his long neck and letting his ears flop back.  Also deployed when begging for food.  Seriously.  He begs for food in the usual way, but he also does it by turning his back on you, then stretching his neck as far back as it will go and looking at you upside down.

By the way, he’s posing up there with Number Eleven Farm Square.  Speaking of yarn….

Seafoam scarf.  The LYS has had a pink version of this hanging on display for probably more than a year.  I admired it so much, I bought the yarn to make it, but I couldn’t figure out the pattern.  I finally bought the book, and finally gave the scarf a start.

I also got some yarn to make another Ab-Fab blanket, displayed nicely on the hostas.

And this is where I noticed that the little wormy critters are back for the third year to eat my hornbeams.  See their little chomp-marks?  As soon as Engleberto’s mother gets out of the hospital, he’s coming over to spray.

And here’s a shawl, made with Ye Olde Yarne.

And a child-sized cardigan made from the yarn that was supposed to be the Woodland Dog Sweater.

A watch cap from Ye Olde-est Ye Olde Yarne in the house, used to make a sweater that never fit and has been in the garbage for eons now.

Another child cardigan from Ye Olde Yarne, this time from the dear departed original Cable Love cardi, which didn’t fit because I felted it.

And another maroon and gold scarf.

And a sock from the last remaining skein of crap sock yarn.

And the current Cable Love Cardi.  The most tedious boring part is over.  I think I’ll finish this month.

I’ve been putting it off long enough.  Time to look and see how the Bianconceri did against the Flying Donkeys this afternoon.

Hey Mr. D!  Bring up another bottle of barbera from the basement!

This post powered by dodgy blood sugar and cold, hard dread.

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