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More odds and ends


I think I’ve finally found the perfect coffeemaker.  See if you can find the one thing that keeps me from getting it.

We have a new tenant at our office building.

She has taken up residence in one of the planters in the courtyard.
Her name is Shaniqua, and she has eleven eggs.
The security guards take very good care of her.  No sign of he who knocked her up.
I have finished some mindless monkey knitting.
Black Garter Stitch Scarf from Ye Olde Yarne.  I still have two balls left of that stupid stuff.
The Dune scarf, modeled by El Puto.  It’s an elongated stitch pattern and it’s very meh.
And then there’s this:
The Woodland Dog Sweater.  Ugh.  I bought the yarn ages ago when Kirby was brand new and I was all giddy to show my love in yarn to indifferent canines.  The fair-isle pattern turned out really well, but it’s large enough for both of them to wear to at the same time, if Tiki could stand to be that close to Kirby.
*sigh*  It took me about thirty seconds to decide.  I ripped it out and am using the yarn for something else.
I’m done with dog sweaters.  I’ve got a pattern that works, and that’s what I’ll use should the existing dog sweaters ever wear out.  I’m ripping up the navy one too.

One last thing:

Fifty Helens agree.  Pizza is good.

2 thoughts on “More odds and ends

  1. you’re right Martha, that pizza looks so delicious! I really love these dog sweaters! everything is amazing! nice blog!

  2. The duck! The sweater-clad puppies! All amazing, but all surpassed by how delicious that pizza looks which, in turn, was surpassed by the mention of the Helens. Fabulous. <3