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It’s the fourth day of Christmas.  There are fresh English football matches to watch and frigid windy weather to keep us inside and stale Christmas cookies to throw away and I’m starting to dream about my job again and to make lists of things I gotta do again and new books to read and old knitting to finish and I’m only sleeping twelve hours a day now instead of sixteen.  Time marches on, but before I start on the final 2010 clean-up and embark on 2011, let’s review Christmas 2010.
It snowed:
Just barely, but there were five minutes of “Ooh!  Pretty!” to go along with the cocoa and kringle.  Note to self:  write thank-you note to MIL.

Mr. D likes his secret red mittens.
The boys got fancy new Nylabonz from my parents Santa, and they knew exactly what to do with them:
Tiki realized that, not only did he get a fresh new Nylabone (plus another one he could steal from Kirby later), he also got the paperboard card that the Nylabonz were packed in.  He fished around through the discarded wrapping paper, located BOTH! pieces of paperboard, and gave them a good chew.
Tiki knows what’s his.
Mostly, anyway.
The Ab-Fab throw is not his.  On a normal day, he’s not allowed to touch it.  But, heck.  It’s Christmas.  BTW, that bowl of nuts in the foreground?  Dogs can reach that.  Ask me how I know.
Kirby was also allowed to snuggle on the Ab-Fab briefly, but we all know that it can be difficult to get far enough away from him to take a decent picture.  The hair on the back of his head hasn’t really grown back properly since his last MRI.  That used to be a solid black.  Oh well.
Mr. D liked his secret Christmas socks and was completely unfazed to discover that the color he chose was called “Pansy.”
He also like The Toad (which fit!) and he liked the Wing Commander enough to read the whole damn book in one day.
And here is the big news:  Instead of compulsively picking up the wrapping paper immediately, thereby rendering the post-present atmosphere sterile and cold, he left the mess on the floor for a whole day so I could feel indolent and satisfied.
It occurred to me that the last thing I knit for myself was the Reclamation Cardi, which I finished back in  JULY  (omg!) so I looked to see what else I have on the needles.
There’s the Porpoise cardi, and that’s for me, but it’s boring:
There are assorted socks, none of which are for me:
I do know this, however:  I am not dragging those damned watercolor mini-socks into 2011 with me.  The rest can sit.
There’s a purple Bud Collins sweater, but I haven’t worked on it for so long I can’t even remember what size I was making:
Nope.  You know what I really want?  I really want to finish the grey cardi so I can wear it.  And so, I finished the one sleeve, and I cast on the second sleeve on Christmas Eve and I finished it yesterday, and then I joined the body and sleeves together to work them in the round, and I have two inches of plain knitting to go before I start the fair isle pattern:
I’m so excited!  Hee!  And terrified, because later there will be steeking, which I have never done before.  Normally, it’s the kind of thing that would require a little libation to steel the nerves, but I’m pretty sure that steeking is not something I want to be doing with impaired judgment.  *fret fret*  I’ll worry about that some other day.
For now, I think I’ll go see if Mr. Treadmill remembers me.

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  1. The Toad rulez! Incidentally, if only we’d known that creating and keeping a mess would make you feel indolent and satisfied, our behavior over the years would have been different…Laissez les bon temps rouler, and welcome to the house where nothing is thrown away (maybe we can be on Clean House and get an expensive house re-model for free!)

    PS How do you know that the dogs can reach the bowl of nuts?