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Dirtbunny’s Compulsive Need to Sort Photos and What it Means for You

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One of my favorite sites on the interwebs is Juventiknows.com, an English-language site devoted to Juventus.  Because *cue violins* poor Dirtbunny has no one in the whole wide real-life world to talk to *that’s enough with the violins–here’s a tenner–now scram* about Juve, it’s a way for me to express all my pent-up Zebra feelings.  I like reading the match analysis.  I compare their opinions to my opinions and it helps me learn the game.  They are also really good for filtering the news, especially the Italian-language news that’s difficult for me (go ahead and play with Google Translate someday and you’ll see what I mean), so I can count on actual news rather than bullshit rumors.  That’s especially important this time of year with the summer transfer window closing in a few days.  There  their   they’re  OMG what is wrong with me today?  pretty light-hearted over there, but the site is mostly real sports analysis.  To my great shock and amazement,  they asked me–ME! –if I’d like to submit something and I did and they liked it and one thing led to another and now I’m writing a lot more lately.  I write with photos, and I can’t find anything in my cache of photos because I haven’t done anything with them in months and months.  Time to sort, cull, file, and otherwise organize my photos and,  for you, that means it’s time for an EPIC PHOTO DUMP!   YAY!

So this is my ivy bed before the landscapers came and weeded it, and filled some holes and handled a drainage issue.  The grass is still gone, but all the other weeds are back.  This is going to take years to get clean up.

This is my tomato garden back before they started producing.   Unlike last year, when the varmints destroyed my crop by taking ONE bite out of every tomato as soon as it was ready, I’ve had lots this year.

These are my basil plants.  Recipe for vegan pesto:  leave out the parm, put in double the pine nuts and maybe a spritz of lemon juice.  You’ll never miss the cheese.

This is my lavender plant in full bloom.

This is Mr. D’s birthday cake.  There was much angst over this.  I can bake a cake.  I can bake any kind of cake you want. But I’ve never made a vegan cake before and I was skeptical.  A test run was successful, so for the big day I baked a two-layer vanilla cake.  I scooped out about a quarter inch from the top of the bottom layer and the bottom of the top layer (I fed the scraps to Kirby, who was still with us  🙁 ) and filled the cavity with a blueberry compote.

See, you dig out the cavity so you can stack the layers without leaking any blueberry stuff out.  Then I poked the top layer all around with a trident chocolate fork and I made a simple glaze of lemon and confectioners sugar.

And voila!  Vegan birthday cake.  Here’s the best part:  You can’t tell there are blueberries in there.  It’s a surprise!  Hee Hee!  I got about as enthusiastic a response from Mr. D as I ever do:  *grunt*  “Good”

And this is orange chicken with snow peas and brown rice, only the chicken is tofu.  See, Mom?  I’m eating good stuff–not just sprouts and oreos.

And this is my caramelized onion pizza with yummy walnuts and no gorgonzola.

You all know I get a weekly farm box from a local Community Supported Agriculture, right?   So this is how many uneaten zucchini I had in the fridge one Wednesday before the farm box came.  That’s 8, right?  And if it was Wednesday, then that means I had already used at least four of them.

Everyone knows how prolific zucchini plants are, right?  And doesn’t everyone who plants zucchini end up with way too much zucchini?  And it’s kind of a national joke how people try to scam other people into taking the extra zucchini?

Oh look!  Eight more zucchini!  Now I have 16!  Yay!  not

I know!  How about if people just plant less zucchini in the first place?

So what on earth can you do with 16 zucchini?  You can put some of them in the juicer.  You can make zucchini bread/muffins, but that’s not terribly helpful because one 7-8 inch zucchini makes two loaves of zucchini bread, and then you still have 15 zucchini left over.

So you can chop two of them and stir fry them with some pineapple chunks and edamame and serve with a sweet and sour sauce and brown rice.

You can hollow them out, stuff the cavities with tomatoes, bread crumbs, and pesto and bake them.  Or tomatoes and corn and pesto.  Or corn and black beans.  Whatever.

You can chop the zucchini and saute it lightly in some olive oil with garlic and onion, then toss with tomatoes and roasted corn and shredded basil and serve with a vinaigrette on a bed of quinoa.

You can also grate a whole bunch of them and put it in the freezer for future zucchini bread/muffins, then have to throw it out when you have a massive power failure and have to ditch the contents of your freezer.  Maybe I didn’t technically have to toss them, but Better Safe Than Sorry!  Oh well, what a shame.

At this moment, we are 100% squash-free, but the farm box comes tomorrow.

Yarn time!

Yellow cotton cardi in garter stitch, knit in one piece with all the shaping done via short rows.  From Knitty.com.

A shawl from brown alpaca farm yarn.  Pattern also from Knitty.

 And two hats from yarn leftover from a secret project.  The first is “Sleepless,” from Knitty again, and the second is a modification of “Sleepless” in a smaller size and with less drama.

Wow.  So that’s it for photos that I’ve already downloaded.  There are still photos yet-to-be-downloaded and photos yet-to-be-taken, but that’s for another day.

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  1. I liked your pictures. Maybe you can get a gig with Cooking Light or Cook’s Illustrated