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Calendario, Mercato, the Euros, Quinto Scudetto, Loooca, and whatever else happens to pop into my disorganized brain

The footy calendar was finally released this week and my life is beginning to have meaning again.  It’s not final, of course, because some of the matches will be on Saturdays, and some on Sundays, and the midweek matches get … Continue reading

Old Lady Post: Why We Love Quags–and Udinese Spam—But Mostly Quags

Juventus 1:2 Udinese Let’s all pretend that the match ended here, mkay? That blew.  I’m not even sure what the problem was.  Gigi had an awesome save or two.  Claudio scored a miraculous Quags-style goal.  Pretty much everyone else failed … Continue reading

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Old Lady Post: Um….Ouch. Plus, Breaking Gio News

Sampdoria 0:0 Juventus Any questions? Oh boy.  This was a match in which only the brutes and Pepe stood out.  There was kicking and screaming, pushing and shoving, eye-poking and hair-pulling, shootings and stabbings, military coups and counter-revolutions, and one poor excuse … Continue reading

Old Lady Post: Excellent Elf Brace Leads Juve to Fabulous 4-2 Victory!

Originally Published on January 7, 2011 JUVENTUS 1:4 PARMA JUVENTUS 4:2 PARMA What a week!  And what a time for Elf to come alive!  All season long, he’s been struggling with only one goal, but Thursday he scored TWO beautiful … Continue reading